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GitHub Notification Tips

Recently, Tithe.ly has been formalizing our processes around GitHub and our pull request process. As a part of this, I shared some tips that I’ve applied to my personal GitHub (GH) workflow to make notifications actually useful. For purposes of this post, when I say Github Notifications, I’m talking about your personal notification inbox that you have available at https://github.com/notifications that you might not even know exists! We will only really talk about notifications in the context of one GitHub organization. However, you can apply these same principles to any other organization, personal repos, or other watched repos that you participate (or want to participate) in.

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Exception & Error handling in PHP

Exception and Error handling is probably a lot easier than you think.

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Rails Engine Development

For the last year, the Integrations Team has been busy working rebuilding our legacy integrations from scratch in Ruby on Rails. We launched with an integration to send Tithe.ly Giving data to QuickBooks Online (QBO), followed by Tithe.ly ChMS, and Raiser’s Edge. We are about to release integrations to FellowshipOne, Shelby Arena, Breeze ChMS, Minitry Platform as well as planned integrations for a handful of others.

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Technical Debt at Tithe.ly

If there was one, key takeaway from the many business and finance courses I took in college, it was an understanding of the difference between good debt and bad debt. Whole accounting techniques exist to codify and quantized various debt structures within a business. Whether it is Depreciation, Depletion, or Amortization, a business has a set of fundamental tools to use for planning and structuring their spend when it comes to debt.

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Transitioning to a 100% remote position

I started working at Tithe.ly close to a year ago. I transitioned from a 100% in the office to 100% remote work. Here are some of the things I would have like to have known going into it.

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Feature Flags are Neat

Recently, I was chatting with some co-workers about ways we could improve our deployment pipeline. One tangent of this conversation was the fact that feature flags could be useful in a continuously deploying master situation, as we could easily feather in more features at once.

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Tithe.ly Engineering Blog Liftoff

Engineering blogs are pretty trendy these days. Here at Tithe.ly, we didn’t want to be left behind. Plus, our engineers solve problems every day that we feel should be shared widely with our community. Let’s get a little meta and talk about how we stood up the site you’re on.

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Tithe.ly has the goal of becoming the #1 church technology platform.

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